Don’t Miss Bomb-Omb Enthusiast Shy Guy Says at Mojostock

shy guy says

Hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom (Bloomington, IN), Shy Guy Says will drop bob-ombs of bass in your face this Saturday night at Mojostock. Mixing elements of hip hop with glitchy electronica, Shy Guy identifies with down-tempo house, drumstep, and ghettotech in addition to the broad “glitch hop” classification.

Shy Guy was recently in town to open for Denver-based glitch-hop producer Samples where I had the pleasure of chatting it up with the man behind the mask, Jarrod Linne. An Indiana University graduate, Linne says he earned his degree in telecommunications and ultimately stuck around in Bloomington to pay off student debt. Read on as we talk about life in a college town, small festivals vs. large festivals, and Mojostock memories.

MOJO: Bloomington isn’t that bad of a place to be stuck though.

SG: It’s really not honestly. I love it. Everybody always asks when I’m going to move. I’m not really sure if I’m going to, especially now that things are picking up in Indiana with the local music scene.

MOJO: Do you feel like the tomfooleries you’ve witnessed in Bloomington inspire you to create stories within your music?

SG: Sometimes. You see crazy things in Bloomington that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. It can inspire you to go home and play music or pump you up to go play a really crazy show somewhere.


MOJO: What’s your favorite venue to play between Bloomington and Indy?

SG: I love the Bluebird when I’m in Bloomington because of the history of that place. So many great musicians have been on that stage and you feel the energy when you step on there. I wish there were more opportunities to play there, honestly. When I’m in Indy the Mousetrap is always home base but I love playing the Vogue because people are really appreciative there. The lights, the sounds, and the size of that place are just awesome.

MOJO: What about your dream venue?

SG: Honestly, at this point it is just to be on a major festival lineup. I just want to play at Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza- not even as the top ten bands of the lineup, I just want to be a part of it. Seeing Daft Punk at Lollapalooza got me into the whole electronic music scene. It was a mind-blowing, eye-opening, life-changing experience and it made me dream that one day I get to be back there doing just that. I want to be on stage in the middle of a field in my element. I just want to see the crowd dance and lose their shit and not give a fuck. I want to be a part of that.

MOJO: Well, you’re definitely a step closer with Mojostock!

SG: Yeah! You know, lately I’ve really just been about smaller festivals. I’m incredibly excited about Hyperion and Mojostock because the crowd is more intimate and it seems like the crowd is definitely more appreciative and there for the musicality of it all and not just the scene.

MOJO: Do you have any funny memories of Mojostock 2012?

SG: I didn’t actually witness it but the craziest story I heard was that somebody had found JK asleep in a mud puddle somewhere. Like he went super hard one day and just decided “I’m done…I’m going to sleep in this mud now.”

MOJO: What are you looking forward to this year?

SG: Aside from being back in the tent and performing, Mochipet. I’m a big Mochipet fan. I like his whole appeal to where he’s down to earth enough to wear a purple dinosaur suit on stage. I’m really into his musical style too, so I’m interested in seeing how he’s going to execute everything. I’m just excited to be in a field surrounded by hundreds of people that I know and love. I’m looking forward to seeing who has a baby nine months down the road after the weekend of Mojostock because it seems like that’s where all the babies are made, I guess. (laughs)

From Bloomington to Indy, Indy Mojo brings you Shy Guy Says this Saturday night at Mojostock. Get ready to get glitched under his spell, as he turns the tent inside out to bring you on a journey through the Mushroom Kingdom! Also, I heard it’s going to be the tent where all the babies are made.

Stream Shy Guy Says’ exclusive Mojo Radio Hometown Hype mix below to get an idea of what he has in store for Mojostock and make sure to make your way to the EDM tent at 10 pm sharp.

One last thing: always be on the lookout for flying bob-ombs at a Shy Guy set!