It is sooo funny that American Government and even World Governments don’t seem to learn anything from history. Everyone knew Bill Clinton was a womanizer and they voted him in anyway. Twice! Everyone knew Obama is a young, idealist with no experience (except for running for President of the most powerful country in the world) and we voted him in as President! Go figure! John McCain, as much as I liked him, had almost exactly the opposite problems. He was a bit too old and had too much experience, (doing and NOT doing the things that put us where we are today). The average American is scared, angry and frustrated and Obama and McCain were both telling them what they want to hear. Like Politicians always do! The Democrats are blaming The Republicans and Bush for all of these problems because it is easy to “blame” and hard to fix the problem. The Republicans would have won if the Economic Melt Down occurred just 2 months later. The economic downturn gave Obama the edge. It is still a 50-50 country though and this is good! Timing is everything, huh? Everyone knows sny long term fix won’t come from Congress but they want to believe in something and Obama is more of an idealist. Obama’s ideas are almost Socialistic (in my opinion), and it was the Democratic ideas of wealth re-distibution and the Republican’s lack of resolve that created some of these problem. Obama! Socialism doesn’t ever, ever work! But who listens to me? Both Parties and WE are to blame to some degree and neither them or WE have the answer to the Challenges we face. The real cause of the financial problems we face is the fact that the world is changing so fast that we can’t seem to keep up. This is a problem for all Countries. I don’t have a solution for this rapid change which will take place regardless! Sorry! Time heals all wounds. The more we suffer, the stronger we get! Capitalism can and will eventually fix the ecconomy if we let it!
The answer is not more government intervention!
Government intervention