shes going to be the death of me

I have a 13 yr old daughter…and I know that growing up is harder to day than it was in the days when i grew up…but i dont understand y she feels the need to cut her self (its not deep just superficial but its still self injury)….she is a very smart girl…very much well advanced very much well developed for her age…and very beautiful…and she choose to make her body into a cutting bag that she will have to hide from everyone i just dont get it….

she has been in 3 phyc hospitals in the last year in a half..she goes to therapy once a week and she is on medications….and it seems that nothing is helping…i know that she is reaching out for some kinda help or attention but i just dont know what it is she is wanting help with….or what kinda attention she is wanting to seek…..and i dont know how to help her or make her stop doing this to herself…

she thinks that i dont want her..and i dont care for her ..and my life would be much easer with out her here….and again i know this is just her age but she dont realize that her as well as her brothers are my life..and i would do anything at all for them….and every time she cuts or hurts herself she is not only killin herself but she is also killin me as well…not to menchen her brothers that look up to her….

she is going to be the death of me one way or the other….and i feel that i am alone on this issue and i just dont know how much longer i can do it by myself…..and sit and watch her continue to hurt herself like this….i feel that there is nothing that i can do to help her….