Shenanigans with DJ Baby Anne

The hype that circulated Indianapolis in the days leading up to the performance of DJ Baby Anne (a.k.a. The Bass Queen) was more than legit. Although there has been a recent resurgence of followers in the electronic music scene, it was as if fans who have been in hibernation for years were finally provoked enough to crawl out of hiding and come party last Friday night.

After three immensely successful monthly shows produced by the collaborative efforts of G9 Collective &, Shenanigans surpassed all previous events by a landslide. Tru Nightclub enjoyed a steady climb in attendance leading up to the midnight hour when the guest of honor took stage. The large, open dance floor was packed tighter than a can of sardines as the crowd waited in anticipation.

Most widely recognized as a breakbeat DJ, Baby Anne’s shows are known for their high energy and vigor. In contrast to the sensual, consciousness-altering effects of trance and house music, The Bass Queen combines Miami bass and electro with funky breaks that keep the audience pumped up the entire time.

Not far into what would eventually become a 2 hour set, it became apparent that the crowd was not comprised of rookies to the scene. In the middle of a thick mob of people, a circle opened up around Kyle Wilson, a.k.a Big Kyle, as he stepped forward to freestyle dance. Veiled beneath a blanket of club darkness speckled with lime green lasers, his moves combined the rigidity of electric boog-a-loo with the style and coordination of b-boy toprock. Having dabbled in EDM for 10+ years as both a fan and a DJ, Wilson was only one of many true veterans in attendance. Glow sticks waved briskly through the air, heads bobbed to the steady beat, and one dance enthusiast even sported a shirt that read