shameless self promotion for food

Welcome to my indymojo blog! I’m a full time bass player (read: nerd) and part time teacher at IUPUI. I have a jazz degree and have played with a lot of bands in town, especially the jam bands, so if you have a music theory question, I will be more than happy to reveal all the inner secrets of jazz theory which I’m sure will just rivet the general population to their seats. For those that are interested, I will warn you that you will be dooming yourself to life long nerd-dom, and guarantying your children a nice cozy spot inside a small locker once they reach middle school. Now I play for the band Finer, which just played South by Southwest. It was great fun. We saw about 60 bands. It’s always nice to see what others are doing all over the country. The Onion newspaper and had by far the best stages that we saw, with great lights and sound.
Now that we’re back, I’ve been looking for ways to promote the band, as it’s the main source of income and therefore food for me, and it got me wondering, are we all totally saturated with music now? It seems that everywhere I go both in public and online now has music running. It’s all becoming so much noise, and I wonder if anyone is actually latching on to any new artists. Now granted, I have an awesome band, and I love it, but you all would expect that, right? After all, it’s what I’m giving my time to, and who would slog away for something that’s miserable? Anyway, this is the question I pose to you. How would a new band promote to you in a way that you would listen? I’m willing to trade nerdy answers for information!