Senioritis…or is it?

So, I’ve been doing some thinking lately.. shocker, I know.

It’s getting T-minus less than two months until I’m a college graduate. It’s been a long road, but I’m finally here. It will be kind of weird for me not to say “student” when people ask what I do. (Well, along with my 2 other jobs.. hehe).

So, I was thinking…I think we (college students) hide behind this title. It’s so easy for us to use the excuse that we have to study, or we have to do something for school, or we haven’t done something because we’re in college.. blah blah blah.

What happens after we graduate? All we have to hide behind are our degrees. No longer will the dread of midterms, papers, thesis writings, finals, etc. loom over our heads. As much as we complain about these…aren’t they sort of comforting? I know how to study.. I know how to make good grades..I know how to live with guidelines..but do I know how to live without them? I guess we’ll see…

Also, as I spend many late nights in the library and in the journalism Mac lab I find myself having conversations with fellow seniors ready to graduate in December or May. We discuss our sincere mutual hatred for waiting to take dumb electives until last semester, parking on campus, general loathing for life.. etc. College seniors are some of the most bitter individuals you will find.. I promise. But, we all chalk it up to “senioritis” and go towards the light of graduation.. and alcohol…lots and lots of alcohol.

But, I wonder.. is it really senioritis? Hell, I was bored two years ago.. I’ve been antsy to move on to the next bigger and better thing for about as long as I can remember. Are we ever really content with where we are headed? Or are we always looking for the next bigger and better thing? So I ask.. are we in a perpetual state of senioritis?

Guess it isn’t as bad as purgatory.. Ha.