Senior Year

I never thought Senior year would be this difficult, full of nonstop work, and be so stressful. I mean I know its senior year, I have a lot to accomplish within a year to graduate. But COME ONNNNN!

This and next week are just really pushing at my nerves right now. This week I have a Literature review due for senior seminar. It’s basically done but the prof will probably say it could use some work. It’s just research on previous studies on my topic – which is children growing up quickly/too fast/ taking more responsibility as a child. No biggie. Then I have a history test on friday. I’m already studying for it. I’ve heard this prof is a hard grader. I asked one of my friends who is a History Major… about the prof and tests and all that jazz. He said the only history class hes ever got a B in was with this professor. He’s gotten A’s in all the rest. I think thats saying something… So that’s this week. Not much except for that test im stressing about.

Next week though. It’s gonna kill me. Monday I have a counseling test. It’s online, can use books, notes, whatever. Should be easy. By tuesday I have to read 17 chapters of the grapes of wrath. I’m on chapter 6. Do an online posting about it, probably just answer a couple questions. Thursday I have a community org test about general information. It’s online and can use books and notes, but still have to worry about studying because that profs questions are always random. Thursday I also have something due for senior seminar. Its hypotheses and theories on my project. It’s mostly done I just have to rearrange and read over it. Its about 7 pages long. Friday I have a history paper due. I don’t know what to expect for that. This Friday after I take my test is when I will get the questions for it.

Not to mention work. This week I work mon 5-10 wed 2-10 and sat 10-5.
next week its mon 5-10 wed 2-10 and sat 2-10. I really want to give up my wednesday hours next week and just work on stuff.

This always happens. All of a sudden everything is due. In the same week. I can be a perfectionist when it comes to my school work and I hate it. People always tell me to chill out but I absolutely hate and cannot stand to get a bad grade. It erks me. It eats away at me til I get upset. I don’t handle school stress that well, last year I had a freaking panic attack because I got so worked up. I need a good stress relief.

I already wasted enough time today. I just couldnt get in the mood of studying. Although I did get a lot done for History.. I guess. I’m still not in the study mood because here I am writing a dang blog about it.

It’s gonna be a long couple of weeks :(