school and life

So I’m a senior at the University of Evansville. I’m a sociology -preprofessional social work major. Ive got a decent class load this year. Counseling, Marriage and Family, History, Health and Wellness, Community Organization, and Senior Seminar. I also work at Marshalls part time during the school year. So between school and work and friends and family and everything, it gets pretty busy. But thats ok, keeps me outta trouble. right?
well, problem is, I don’t think I want to be a social work major anymore… I have no interest in it. I really like anthropology, but I’m a senior and its a little late to switch majors without being here for a few more years. That I definetely do not want. I need out of evansville. When you’re 18, being 3 hours away from home is good, at best. Being farther away would be great. When you get a few years older, you just want to be near home. For various reasons. I have a few… One in particular.
He should know who he is. But I’m confused by him right now… I had it all figured out this past week. Up until today… Needing to talk to him to figure this out.
I may or may not go to grad school. I should. But don’t want to. Reasons I don’t want to..
1. Don’t know what school to go to
2. Don’t know how long I’d want to go
3. Don’t know what I’d study
4. Don’t know where I’ll be in a year or who I’ll be with
5. Don’t want to spend the extra money
Reasons I should go
1. Better job offers
2. I’m only pre-professional in my degree right now
3. Eh, who knows…
Even if I do stay a social work major, I don’t know what kind of job I could get with just pre-professional, or even with grad school under my belt. I thought maybe working in the adoption agency, but who knows.
I don’t understand anything anymore. Even when I’m in a room full of people I’m alone. I don’t have a roommate again this year. I love it yet I hate it. Since I’m alone I get to do what I want with the room, have the temp the temp I want, be messy or a neat freak, don’t have to worry about whose property is whose, etc. But I’m alone.
And now I’m confused… about everything. I need some direction.
I havn’t been sleeping very good lately. Too much on my mind.