scariest night ever

so I worked tonight.. left a little after 1 to come home. When I start to pull in the driveway I see a figure dart from close to my window to behind my old car that’s in the driveway. I sit there for a minute thinking “what the hell was that?” then I see it dart from behind that car to my roomie, Tony’s, car. It wasn’t just a figure.. it was a PERSON! A full grown man… or woman I guess.. but yea. That’s when I switch the car to reverse and start to back out of the driveway.. we have cop neighbors so there are normally 3 cop cars here, so i always assume we are completely safe here. But for some reason all the cops were GONE! As I’m backing out of the driveway I’m scrambling to get my phone to call Tony. And I notice the person dart from behind Tony’s car to behind a bush on the side of the house.. I get backed out, drive around to the other side of the court and lock my doors and sit there and call Tony. Thankfully he answers. I tell him what happened so he let the dogs out and came outside and hung up on me. I was trying to tell him the guy went to the other side of the house, but he wasn’t on the phone anymore.. he looked all around, but I think we scared the crap out of the guy bc he didn’t expect us to be there.. and he definitely didn’t expect a 3rd car to pull up in the driveway I’m guessing. Luckily nothing happened and the guy just ran off but now I’m scared shitless to be home by myself at all.. especially at night :( I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before. It was not cool at all. I sat there in my car with my doors locked forever and called Soupy so I wouldn’t be just sitting there.. so I’d have somebody to talk to while Tony searched the yard. I’ve really never been so scared in my whole life!
Then I’m sitting here with Tony for a while.. still kinda freaked out. He goes to bed and his phone starts ringing, then the house phone rings. It was our friend Melissa. She’s at the hospital and needs somebody to pick her up. So I had to brave the scary creepy guy that was lurking around outside to go to my car and get her from the hospital. It was a long story why she was there, but she basically got mugged.. beat up and her stuff got stolen.