Scarevania: Muncie’s Own Devil Rejects

Scarevania 2014 Spook Staff Spook Staff at Scarevania with Jingles the Clown

Any first timer to Scarevania will be impressed with the attention to detail that clearly goes into the haunt’s design. From spinning art on the outside walls to larger-than-life creep show relics on the roof – the props and design of Scarevania are over the top. Moreover, any returning victim who has visited in the past will be even more impressed at Scarevania’s ability to provide a nearly unique experience every year.

scarevaniaExpect a fairly long line if you hit Scarevania during peak hours; we found a 10 or 12 minute wait behind a couple of groups in front of us. However long the wait seems, it’s truly worth it once inside and you’re the only victims in the haunt with hardly any risk of running into the group ahead of you.

Luckily, there’s a new creepy stage outside to provide entertainment for patient line-waiters and scaredy cats too afraid to go through the haunt. Expect to see suspension acts, fire breathers, bands, and other live entertainment performing on the stage, in addition to movie screenings and scaryoake.

Scarevania's Carnival Cabaret

Scarevania’s Carnival Cabaret

The first room of Scarevania is perhaps its most memorable, as victims are held captive for several minutes while acclimating to their new environment – plenty of time to examine the thoughtful placement of props from ceiling to floor, from the front of the room to back.

Scarevania upholds a no-touch policy but that doesn’t mean they won’t interact with you. Those who aren’t scaring are clearly pissed off or mentally disturbed and they’re keenly aware of your presence.

Tipsy The Clown provided comedic entertainment from the stage as he stumbled over his own words when reminding us not to touch the actors. A creepy man-baby of a clown who goes by the name Jingles (ask him why) lingered in the corner, offering a childlike laugh at opportune moments.

When we entered the haunt an immediate assault of all senses immediately began: blaring death metal music, shrill screams from all angles and enduring performances that felt authentic as we stumbled by, totally in shock of our surroundings.

The second half of Scarevania takes victims outdoors on a trespassing jaunt where they’re promised not to make it out alive. In a completely different twist from last year’s shadow-filled graveyard trail, one recurring character steals the show with perfectly-timed scares. The outdoor portion of Scarevania has doubled in size, ending the trip on a desolate trail that ends in the longest, most intense chainsaw chase I’ve ever seen.

Gwen StaffAfter attending last year, I was eager to see what would be next for this Muncie haunted house. The heavy metal music paired with tons of terrorizing monsters and sick staging proved yet again to be a winning combination.

My favorite moment came with the rattle and smell of a chainsaw. Usually you can hear and anticipate the moment that you will sprint off without your group however, that was not the case this time. I ran, I ran so fast I didn’t know what was behind or ahead of me. – Gwen


dan2As a new contributor to the Spook Staff I did not know exactly what to expect. Scarevania was extremely well organized and managed. Eerie music played as we waited to enter that effectively set the mood to get scared. I liked that half of this haunt took place outside and included children in an interesting way. – Dan



ziziThis haunted house was set up with quite a bit of imagination and had a “Devil’s Rejects” meets “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibe to it. But, before I knew it, that vibe was gone and I was on the haunted trail outside, which led us through a graveyard of rusty, broke-down campers, RV’s and tall, grassy, unlit paths filled with chainsaw fog. I love chainsaw fog and everything, but I can’t say that I didn’t see or hear the guy coming. They definitely pull all the bells and whistles at Scarevania. Well, all the bells and whistles that they could pull without touching me… which was really the one thing missing from here – hands on interaction. – Zi Zi


ramzThey really spent some time on the scenery. We were weaving in and out of some well thought out areas outside. It allowed for actors to interact multiple times through the journey. It felt relatively tame after going to haunts that can touch you. I didn’t realize how much of an impact it has on the fear factor when you know actors aren’t allowed to get into your space; they’re no longer a threat. There were a few actors who stood out, though, such as the creepy little kid who followed us for quite a while, seeming to reappear out of nowhere. He was easy to lose track of due to size. Overall, I think it was a good haunt, especially for the low price of $12. – Matt

Scarevania Haunted House

1911 N Granville Ave
Muncie, Indiana 47303

Thu: 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Fri – Sat: 8:00 pm – 12:00 am