Scarevania: Muncie’s Intense Creep Show


The Scarevania Haunted House in Muncie won major kudos from the Indy Mojo Spook Staff for their exquisite theming that’s consistent from the second you step foot outside your car until the moment you come running back to it in terror. Elaborate, menacing props adorn the rooftop of the building that houses the Scarevania haunted house. A fat, bearded lady and sinister devil on top of the room eye patrons from their vantage point as they approach the entrance. Carnival-style concessions and quirky signage further enhance the freak show format of Scarevania.


scarevaniaA roaming pair of clowns entertained us while waiting in line- one overwhelmingly flamboyant and chatty, the other uninterested and totally silent. Inside, we took in as much of the detailed rule-reading room as we could before being shooed into the haunt; clever signs and props lined the tall walls while the leader of Scarevania’s freak show posed for a photo and warned us not to touch the actors.

Scarevania employs a no-touching policy, but makes up for it in sheer numbers. Every room had at least two monsters, some as many as five or six. With constant attention coming from every angle, Scarevania’s indoor haunt leaves its victims feeling disorientated and overwhelmed. Special attention to costumes and makeup also solidifies Scarevania’s freak show format; our favorite characters included Pigman and the opening room’s nightmare baby.

An outdoor graveyard rounds out the Scarevania trip of terror. The spooks and scares are not as constant or jarring as the whirlwind of surprises inside but when they get you, they get you good.

scarevania cast

Spook Staffer Morgan Brooke loved the intensity of Scarevania:

morganThis haunted house went above and beyond–literally every three steps and around every corner there was something new and horrifying to continually keep us on edge. From the second we walked into the heavily-decorated, creepy building, we were instantly startled by the scariest looking child who sent chills down our spines. Every step of the way we were on look-out and these characters never ceased to execute on a scare. With several different disturbing scenarios, it was a mix of being in Saw, The Hills Have Eyes, and The Ring all at once. We got an all-around scare and the actors made sure we felt like it was real. Scarevania is definitely worth the drive to Muncie if you want a good spook, but if you’re looking for something to last for a while, this one is short and you’re in and out before you know it.

scarevania aww

Spook Staff veteran Gwen Wilson sums up her Scarevania experience as follows:

Gwen StaffIf you ever wanted to be in a Rob Zombie movie, this is the place to go! The sick and twisted world of Scarevania left me in utter terror. The hunted attraction literally taps into everything freakishly grueling and gives their guests an uncomfortable constant scare! The acting was amazing, especially the demented cemetery girl that rushed at us in convulsions and spasms. This haunt is for people that can handle true gore and horror!

Though some would argue that the trip to Muncie from Indianapolis isn’t worth the 20 or 30 minutes of entertainment you’ll find at Scarevania, we would still encourage anyone looking for something new to gather a group of their friends and head north.



1911 N. Granville Ave., Muncie, Indiana 47303

October 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, & 31; 8 pm – 12 am weekends; 8 pm – 11 pm weeknights