running out of gas and making a new friend

Up until last Thursday I had only ran out of gas once in my life. Not a bad number considering that I’ve been driving for over 10 years now. So there I was, driving down Shelby Street on the Southside staring at my gas gauge while thinking ‘ahhh, I still have plenty – I’ve been a lot lower than this…’. A few seconds later, with no warning, my entire car shut off leaving me scrambling for a way to get off the road on one side or another. Luckily I had a little momentum left and no cars were coming my way so I could make my way over to a small used car lot that to me, had seen better days. Although the place looked pretty rough I figured that they would at least have some gas to get me moving again. I opened up my car door, started to walk towards the older looking car salesman and got ready to make my pitch for some free gas. Little did I know that I would make a new friend in the process.

‘I can’t leave the lot’, said the old man, ‘but maybe Dave could get you some gas.’ ‘Hmmmm, it looks like Dave was my only chance’, I thought. ‘Let’s hope that he’s a bit more friendlier than this guy.’

Well, needless to say that Dave was a lot more friendly and before I knew it he was giving me a ride in his old beat-down wrecker to the nearest Village Pantry, all while telling me all about his life along the way. Here is the rest of the story in picture form:

Here’s me and Dave driving in his wrecker to get some gas.

Dave filling up the tank.

I gave Dave some gas for his trouble. What a cool dude.

Rollin’ back to fire up the ride.

He said this was the most gas that he’s ever seen in his ride.

New homies.

Now that’s some Mojo love.

By the time that we had rode to get some gas and come back to get my ride rolling again, Dave and I had become pretty tight. He told me that he had 15 kids(11 girls), with the oldest being 42 and the youngest being 13 months. He is 62 years old and he is one hell of a mechanic. He also told me that no matter where I broke down, he would come and get me – it might take him a while, but he’d make it.

What a great guy and what a great story. Running out of gas rules.