Running as fast as I can as slow as I can!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of you wonderful fathers out there! I have two sons who are the greatest! They’re wonderful sons and wonderful fathers.
I guess I misjudged my schedule! Thought I’d have time to post on here everyday, but have been really busy and am just now getting back to it. Had a wonderful time at the Strawberry Festival downtown on Thursday! Had to miss my exercise class, but will get back to it next week. Also missed my Yoga class on Friday. Maybe I’m trying to do too much! But hey, better to schedule too much than not enough! I see what happens to people when they just sit around getting old. I’m not letting the old age demon catch up with me! I’m running as fast as I can as slow as I can.
Haven’t been dating much lately. People tell me I’m too picky, but why not? We should all be picky. If we chose whoever happened to come our way, what fun would that be? Okay, I admit it! I enjoy the chase as much as the catch. Maybe because I’m one of those rare people who likes being single, and has no plans on changing that. But I’m still looking for that one special guy who will enhance my already happy life,and hopefully, me his. Does anyone else find Dating Sites to be depressing sometimes? I’m on this one site where people report in the forums everytime they have a date to meet someone new!
Then when it turns out to be a no connection thing, they come back and tell that too! Sometimes they even fall in love, before even meeting the person! Then when they finally meet and no sparks, they come back feeling rejected and looking for comfort from the other forum posters! What’s that about?
Some have been rejected over and over again. Don’t they know that makes everyone else think there is something wrong with them? Why let everyone know about all of their hits and misses? It’s like they try to bring everyone down into their dark hole of insecurity. Crazy!
Anyway, I’m just having fun being here and anywhere I happen to be. I’m not planning on slowing down anytime soon, and when I find a man who hit’s all the right spots psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically, I’ll invite him to run with me. For as long as it’s good. As long as it lasts.