Run Run Run to the Melody Inn for North by North

Stretch your necks and prepare your eardrums for an evening of rocking and rolling this Sunday night at the Melody Inn. Chicago-based trio North by North will be performing with support from The Midwest Originals and The Absolute Relics. The band hits Indy after having just releasing their debut album release Something Wicked this past Novemeber.

Album Cover

The double album released in November of 2013 is a tour de force of modern rock music. From start to finish, the album is an enthralling display of the talent and energy that breeds between these three musicians. Their sound is reminiscent of The Black Keys- with vocals perfectly matched to the band’s distinctive sound- and impressive drum work common to successful rock groups.

And what you think that you know
Wrap it up and call it status quo
For years I thought I was safe in the streets,
Now child you know, I can feel the heat

-From the track “Burn it Down”

Vocalist and Guitarist Nate Girard’s voice is strong and clear but is also smooth and effortlessly melts into the music. It’s a rare quality not heard in a lot of acts right now that effectively helps this new band make its mark on the aggressive rock scene.

North by NorthBe sure to get out to the Melody Inn this Sunday night for an intimate set with North by North. Next time they come through expect the venue to be a little bigger and the ticket to be a little more expensive. This band has serious potential and from their tour schedule it doesn’t look like they are squandering it.

You can listen to their entire debut album below via their Bandcamp page:

What: North by North, The Midwest Originals, and The Absolute Relics Show

Where: The Melody Inn

When: Sunday April 27th, 2014. Doors at 8, show starts at 9. Tickets are $5 at the door