Run For Your Life: Review of Nightmare on Edgewood

noewIndyMojo’s #SpookStaff moseyed down to Nightmare on Edgewood last Saturday evening, and they left feeling eerily elated, and satisfied. Consistently ranked one of Indy’s premier haunts, if not the top-dog, NOEW offers a smattering of freaky frights that will probably hit home with even the bravest soul. Ranging from demented clowns to cannibal butchers, this haunt promises certain fright to anyone who enters.

"It" will get ya!

“It” will get ya!

Situated on the grounds of an athletic compound, this haunt boasts several different components throughout the set-up. This writer can’t give it all away, because the surprise is half the fun, but a few juicy tidbits will be shared. Sections are aptly titled anxiety-inducing names like “Pandemonium”, “Hysteria”, “Old School Fright”, “Schizophrenia”, and “The Last Ride”. Each different portion of the haunt is unique, and each one has its own distinct frightening element. However, one theme remains constant throughout the experience: the scarers can touch.

Not only can the scarers at this particular haunt touch you, but they can also poke you with their machetes, run forks across your throat, and shove you into walls. After experiencing this, this writer will never go to another house where they CAN’T touch you. Its friggin’ awesome. It adds a completely new element to the scare when someone pops out of nowhere and grabs your shoulders. All illusions of safety go out the window, and the sensory scaring begins.

Winding through pitch black mazes, avoiding killers reminscient of “The Purge”, and being caressed by Freddy Kreuger are among many of the memorable events from NOEW. This haunted house is a beastly one, and probably not the best pick for those that are faint of heart. Here’s what the rest of IndyMojo’s #SpookStaff had to say about it:


Mike Myers & Freddy say “Hi!”

Gwen StaffNightmare on Edgewood has done it again! This haunt stands out due to the pure terror of being touched while winding through the twists and turns of its wicked attractions. Edgewood consistently reinvents their ghoulish sets and employ actors who truly love the thrill of scaring the guts out of people. My favorite was a room that everyone was shut in to and nobody truly knew what was going on. - Gwen

dan2I liked that at Nightmare on Edgewood patrons were turned around in the haunt, as well as had to crawl through a portion of it. They were also able to touch us, which made things seem realistic. No one was safe – whether they were in the front or in the back! - Dan


Danielle Staff 2Old School Fright was the clear winner for me at Edgewood this year. The addition of multiple new scenes and rooms, as well as elaborate new lighting effects, took the production to a whole new level. The monsters inside of Old School Fright were especially touchy, which left me paralyzed in hysterical laughter as I repeatedly brushed away Freddie’s metal claws and worked to escape the clutches of a curiously friendly psychopath who wandered with our group for a significant amount of time. - Danielle


Nightmare on Edgewood

Indy’s Most Intense Haunt

6004 Camden Ave

Indianapolis, Indiana

Note: #SpookStaff recommends not using GPS, as you’ll end up in a nearby neighborhood. From 465, take the East St. / 31 exit and head south. Turn left (east) onto Edgewood Avenue and look for the haunt on the right (south) side of the road.

Regular Admission: $20

(includes Schizophrenia, Pandemonium, Hysteria and Old School Fright).

VIP Fast Pass Admission: $30

(includes all four haunts mentioned above, plus The Last Ride, and shorter wait times)

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