Ruler of Life

Every morning you awake
I’m the first thing on your mind
Before you fall asleep
You give me one last thought

You go to work
I am in your papers
On your lunch break
Your time is spent on your meal
and what you will do with me

Family get togethers
are now interrupted
with arguments between loved ones
all because of me

Friday nights with friends
Have become half-hearted attempts
to focus your mind elsewhere
So now you sit at home by your self
Unable to enjoy whats outside
Hating everything within

I am the money in your wallet, the suit you wear to work, the broken down engine in your car, the parent that always yells, the child that never listens, the loved one who is no longer around, the hated one that won’t go away, the sickness in your body, the man or woman in your heart.

Don’t let me control you anymore…