Roller Derby Bout Recap: Amber Waves of Pain on August 14th

This is an article written by Socialite, Robin Sock ‘Em who was out of this bout for a concussion. She gives a fantastic recap below! The photos you see were taken by Josiah Jensen, otherwise known as Damage Control, and they are fantastic! See his link at the bottom. The last two were taken by Strawberry Smackquiri’s husband and my own husband.

Socialites Win One, Lose One in Hard-Fought Final Bout of the Home Season

By Robin Sock’em


118-74, CCS Black Team. The Circle City Socialites’ last home bout of the second season included a debut by some of the league’s newer derby debutantes, who took on the Jack Town Rollers of Jackson, Mich., in a 40-minute intro bout. CCS jammer Pistol Hips started off smart against Jack Town’s BabeZilla by getting lead and calling it after 4 points to Babe’s 0. Liberty Spykes then took the star and racked up 14 points before calling it in a full 2-minute jam. In her first bout ever, Jackie Bauer took the floor as jammer and continued the shutdown with 4 points to Jack Town’s 0.

The night was good to CCS’s jammers, with several grand slams and power jams due to numerous major penalties landing Jack Town’s jammers in the box. Luci Fear presented a double threat as both jammer and blocker (ultimately earning her CCS’s best jammer award), but saw her fair share of trips to the box too. Vicious Velma slid through the pack hot on CCS jammers’ tails, and Jack Town blocker McGritty kept CCS blockers on their toes, earning her the CCS best blocker award.

Mean Norma Jean was the first Jack Town jammer to get lead status near the end of the first half to score 8 against Jackie Bauer’s 2 before calling it. [MY EDIT: The announcers said it wrong and then corrected themselves. It was 10-8 that jam with Jack Town only netting 2 pts against our Black Team. I had 8, she had 10, guess she didn't see me hot on her heels!] Vicious Velma followed suit, calling it after 7 points and a devastating blow by CCS’s Polly Dent. CCS had some trouble keeping Hard Rock Candy in the pack and formed a 3-person bridge to chase her down. CCS ended the half with a comfortable lead, 71-28.

Jack Town came out swinging after the break, forcing Liberty Sypkes to call it after taking a big blow. Jackie Bauer had to call it off quick with jammer Shove-Elle hot on her tail, and later, Pistol had to do the same. Mistress Azrael endured a fantastic spill, tumbling over the backs of two fallen skaters while CCS blockers landed big hits, buying time for Azrael to get back on her feet. Luci Fear scored big for Jack Town with 14 points and then proved her endurance in another jam as she was hit first by Screama Donna, then Bona Contention, barely staying inbounds while balancing on one foot. Blockers Screama Donna, Wrecker Becker, Bona Contention, and Polly Dent took advantage of a power jam by containing a �goat� and bringing the pack to a crawl while Liberty Spykes racked up 25 points. CCS killed some time in the last few jams by delaying the jammer whistle, and Jack Town’s Shove-Elle was ejected from the game in the very last jam for having 7 trips to the box. The CCS black team ended up celebrating their first ever bout and victory simultaneously with a 118-74 win.


84-73, Fox Cityz Foxz. After a seven-point loss last season to the Fox Cityz Foxz of Appleton, Wisc., the Socialites looked forward to a rematch on their own turf. The Foxz brought a good fight, effectively destroying CCS walls and containing CCS jammers at the back of the pack. CCS jammers received help from big hits by Faye Stunaway, impassible walls by Beattie Sedgwick and Lady Miss Bier, and effective beatings by Shock Hop.

Anya Booty matched the speed of quick Boun C. Ballz to win close jams, and Fly took advantage of a power jam, managing to stay on her feet the entire 2 minutes despite relentless hits by Woman O’War. Anya was able to knock Skeater Beater out of bounds at the start of one jam, making her ineligible to receive lead status. Salacious T set a pick for Anya, who caught up to Skeeter and then strategically called the neck-and-neck jam just in time to score a few points. Roll-R fell victim to sandwiching and solid walls but was still able to tie the low-scoring game at 20-20.

Anya Booty made the first big scoring jam of the night with 15 points after a whip from Megan Enemies and help by Ionic Bondage and Vivi Section, who held Skeeter Beater back. Shock Hop took a rare turn at jamming but was stumped by the Foxz’ impenetrable walls and turned to playing defense with some jammer-on-jammer action. Just before the half, CCS had a 39-20 lead, but the Foxz scored a 9-point jam to narrow the lead to 10 points by the time everyone headed for the locker rooms.

CCS started the second period with a slow pack to help Anya Booty during a power jam, but Lolly Pop Ya returned to the track and scored big. With the score uncomfortably close at 44-43, visibly tired jammers and blockers from both teams were sent to the box like crazy. Jammer-on-jammer races usually led to one or the other calling it off at 0 points, while power jams boosted the score in one team’s favor and then another to keep it neck-and-neck.

Faye Stunaway joined the CCS jammer rotation and set up a power jam situation for Fly. She was joined on the track by a strong pack, but Megan Enemies, Beattie Sedgwick, Lady Miss Bier, and Shock Hop were unsuccessful in their attempt to contain a goat and force the Foxz blockers out of play. Skater pile-ups and point margins of just 3 or 4 points kept the crowd at the edge of their seats.

In a power jam situation, Roll-R-Damage pushed blockers Bambi Lance, Splatty Hearst, and Salacious T out of her way, sending each to the floor and unintentionally creating a no-pack situation which allowed her to whiz right past the stunned Foxz. CCS was back in the lead, 60-54. Later Roll-R played some defense as jammer, slowing opposing jammer Boun C. Ballz to be absorbed again by the pack. Little by little, though, the Foxz inched the score back to 65-69 in their favor. Yaya Der Hey gave CCS the most trouble, earning her the best blocker award, while Boun C. Ballz was named best jammer. The score remained close to end with the Foxz coming out on top, 73-84.

The Socialites travel one last time this year to Beloit, Wisconsin, for a rematch with the Stateline Derby Divas who narrowly lost to CCS last season. Be on the lookout for the 2011 schedule soon!

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