Rock-Land Lobster Shark

Pure Awesomeness.

That’s about all that should be said about last night. My good friend Noah East opened up the show last night at Rock Lobster. He put on a great performance with amazing folk/indie balled-based songs. Noah ( a good cat check out when you get sometime. Then next up was Kevin Mohl and The Burning Sensation. Great three peice set last night. Kevin usually plays with i think 5 guys? I could be wrong, but even as a 3 piece it was a great set… Vilon, Guitar, Drums… what else do you need? I don’t know how my set was because i was playing, but i think it was pretty good because the crowd response was fantastic… I couldn’t ask for a better set of people to be at a show. Thanks again, and hope to see you at another show sometime soon.

My shout out to and my MoFo’s that came to support, thanks so much guys.