Rivers or Streams or Canals?

As I was going to my favorite coffee spot…Monon Coffee..in the b rip I walked across the many streams along the Monon trail.

I got to the coffee shop and mentioned how nice the streams were. The response I got was, “Streams? Those are rivers.”

Well once again, I have stumbled across another interesting cultural phenomena in Indianapolis.
In my mind, if I can walk or wade across a flowing body of water….that is a stream or a creek.

So, I then asked what about the canal right in broad ripple…is that a river. It is deeper than the rivers that I walked over and in some places not as wide.

“No, that is a canal since it is manmade”

So, I conceded that by that definition it is a canal. But, cmon, those two “rivers”…hell I pee more than what is flowing down those streams :).

On another note: I am taking a few of the fellow mojo guy crew through a tour of the Midwest cities. We are going to Chi town on Friday and St. Louis on Saturday. Chi town is a party all the time and we are meeting some of my past professional gymnast girls from Bulgaria. St. Louis is a Solique Model invitationonly party.

So, get ready for some pics Indy…..it should be interesting bringing these guys to my old villes.