Rich Hardesty: Culturally Insane at Mojo Stock

Mojo Stock comes just weeks before Hardesty releases his new album, Culturally Insane. Like previous works, this generous collection of 17 tracks is seeping with optimistic lyrics and jovial tunes. Easily danceable and straightforwardly understandable, the CD’s laidback sound and feel makes it appealing to all walks of life.

Lyrically, Hardesty stays close to his Indiana roots by singing about topics most anyone can relate to. Maintaining a positive outlook on life is a recurring theme in his songwriting and generates blissful feelings, even when reminiscing of times past that no longer exist. Just like the average Joe, Hardesty too must deal with hypocritical judgment, broken relationships, and other facts of life. It is the manner with which he translates these feelings to song that brings a sense of genuineness to his music, enabling an instant connection between him and his audience.

From front to back, Culturally Insane is never over-produced, ensuring that every word is audible and the music remains authentic. What you hear on the album is what you hear in the real-life Rich Hardesty feel-good experience. The entire CD is tinged with reggae beats and rasta mon raps, nodding to Hardesty’s favorite vacationing spot, Jamacia. While some songs slow down and touch on serious topics (