Review: The Payton Brothers Band 11-16-08

Sunday, November 16, 2008
The Melody Inn
The Payton Brothers Band

The Melody Inn is a comfortable, friendly bar where it’s easy to make yourself feel at home. The dimly-lit, single-room establishment’s walls are lined with art, memorabilia, and just about anything else that might look cool. Friendly service and a hospitable home crowd made this north-sider forever a fan of The Melody Inn.

The Payton Brothers Band is a by-product of the rich culture and eclectic music scene rooted in Bloomington, surrounded on all sides by corn fields and hilly forests. The boys are lucky to come from such a fine city- a populous area filled with young people supportive of original music, yet familiar with country livin’ and not afraid to admit that they love a good bluegrass song when they hear one. The four-piece Payton Brothers Band is country music at its best: straight-forward lyrics that tell stories, acoustic guitar to carry the melody, a stand-up bass for rhythm, sporadic harmonica, and just the right amount of twang.

The Payton Brothers Band released their first CD this year,