Review: RISE with Dieselboy & Justin Long

Artists from around the country took the Indianapolis Sky Bar over June 1st with three rooms pumping drum and bass, electro and dubstep mixes until the early morning hours.IndyMojo is bringing the vintage multi-room, high intensity productions back with the monthly RISE series.

The three rooms kept a revolving set of artists, giving all of their energy to creating a masterpiece of beats that would have anyone’s heart racing for more. These artists included Neighbz, Wes Clay, Jeremy Daeger, Adam Jay, Angel Alanis, DJ Shiva, Taylor Norris, Justin Haus, and Psynapse. Each room featured it’s own atmosphere with intimate lounge seating to a full production light show. There was something for everyone with a passion for the music.

Herm Productions created a continuous raging light show with fog filling the room to create a dramatic effect. The visual sensations along with the musical talent present overwhelmed the senses as you stepped into the main room. Lights illuminated the DJs and their equipment while sending the rays out to the exterior walls. The venue provided an intimate setting, to get up close and personal with the DJs and dance until there wasn’t any more energy left in your bones. The audience came with all intentions of having a great time. They added to the atmosphere with LED lighted hula-hoops and glow wands flying through the air and swirling around the crowd, entertaining the onlookers with their skills alongside the DJs.

The crowd was electrified as Mutiny, a collaboration between Hollowpoint and Kodama, took the main stage with fury. Their true showmen stage presence was one to be seen and set the tone for no dull moments, a reoccurring theme of the evening. They were bouncing around while working their fingers for every beat to create perfection and dancing as much as the sea of people before them.

Justin Long, a Chicago native, continued the thrilling night with his mystic sounds that have captivated international attention. Many admire Long’s experience; with nearly two decades behind the mixers, he knows how to keep his audience going for hours. This performance was one that shouldn’t have been missed for the low cover IndyMojo offered fans; he will be playing in LA, San Francisco, U.K., New Zealand and Australia this year. Check out a notable mix by Long to get a taste of the power that filled SkyBar, The Day the Paper Mountain Trembled.

After much anticipation with unexpected flight delays Dieselboy arrived straight from New York, determined to captivate Sky Bar with the ending sounds for fans to leave fulfill until next month’s IndyMojo RISE event. From growing up and learning from his idols to becoming an idol for many young performers, his talent emanated Friday as he took us through his delicate balance of drum and bass, dubstep and electro. The audience couldn’t get enough of his non-stop drops and adventure through his musical world. The transitions from dubstep to drum and bass kept the audience on their feet and switching from euphoric dance moves to bouncing around with their hands in the air.

When the lights stopped and the music simmered, the intense performances throughout the night left people with adrenaline still raging. IndyMojo brought a spectacular line-up of world-class artists to the Indianapolis SkyBar Friday night. Don’t miss your next opportunity to see what’s next for the RISE series; keep checking to see what is posted!