Review: Papadosio/Dopapod @The Bluebird Nightclub–1/29/13

Combining elements of funk, rock, blues, and even electronica Dopapod was able to wow the crowd with their intricately smooth jams. Honestly, I can’t wait for this group to start headlining their own shows, because they are quite worthy of any fame and fortune they come across. It will surely be a treat when Dopapod comes to Indianapolis for an Indy Mojo event on March 8th.  When their shortened set came to an end my excitement to see Dosio was at an all-time high, with the intermission lasting far too long.

When the intermission finally came to a close Papadosio finally took the stage and began to play one of my favorite sets of music I’ve witnessed in my entire life. They started the evening off with an unbelievable version of “The Cue”, a track off of their recent studio album T.E.T.I.O.S, and one which proved to kick the evening off with a bang.  Often times during their initial jam I found myself amazed at the direction of the song. Next, the band took the set in an incredible direction, playing a Dosio class “Oracle” directly into a new song “Taking Turns”. “Taking Turns” was highly impressive, showing the positive direction the band is going, while also showing a stark contrast to their “normal” sounding tracks. As always, Anthony Thogmartin moved me with his heartfelt falsetto singing.  Honestly, I was blown away with this new track, it showing maturation and a positive evolution of direction Papadosio is going toward. The next portion of the set was the heart of their set and easily my favorite throughout the evening. It consisted of an all-out rock improvisation consisting of “Method of Control>Improv>If it Wasn’t For You”. This section of the set was a relentless in-your-face jam that seemingly went on and on. It was truly magical and left my mind and heart fluttering. Also, it featured another new track, “If it Wasn’t For You”, which showed many elements of “old” and “new” Dosio. Another special treat during this period of the set was hearing Robert McConnell step to the forefront and takeover lead vocals.

As the set wound to a close, Mike Healy (drums) completely took over control of the flow of the set. Songs like “Puddles for Oceans” and “Monochrome” typically feature a collaboration of all artists banging out in perfect harmony, but Healy forged through, taking the sound to new heights and making the crowd go bonkers. The set came to a close and in typical fashion the crowd roared for one more song. The encore featured an amazing rendition of “All I Knew”, a lyrically lovely song with amazing music to add the luster. My body tingled as Papadosio blasted the crowd with a final musical bombshell. All in all, this was by far my favorite Papadosio show, no easy feat for my favorite band. My heart and soul yearns for more and I can absolutely not wait to see what these guys have in store for the future. Click here for more photos from their show at The Bluebird.

Written by: Alex Toy

Photos by: Aaron Lingenfelter, Wide Aperture Images