Review: Independent Band Collective Year One

Track one
Song title: Organics Mechanics
Artist: Everthus the Deadbeats
The Deadbeats have been showing up on my radar more and more frequently. After two of their shows in the last two months, I find them yet again on the opening track of a free CD I picked up at The Broad Ripple Music Festival. The title is strangely appropriate- suggesting a focus on the piano and providing just that with repetitive melodies that are square, yet bouncy. A dark, carnival-like outro fades into broken radio gibber jabber full of static, leaving the listener on the edge of a cliff, not quite sure what has just hit them or what could even come next.
Next show: Saturday, November 15 at Radio Radio (John Kill solo show)

Track five
Song title: Sympathy
Artist: Little Voice
I can’t figure out most of the lyrics. I can’t come up with a band to compare them to. I can, however, bop my head and tap my foot to it. I can also make out the way they pronounce