Review: Broad Ripple Music Festival (Part 5)

Broad Ripple Music Festival
October 25, 2008
8:05 P.M.
Trinity Church basement a.k.a. The ES Jungle
61st and Center

State’s music is hard and in-your-face. It’s loud and full of emotion. Lead vocalist David Barajas sings, but he screams, too. And it’s not screaming for the sake of screaming. It’s musical and passionate; a creative outlet for the feelings found on the inside. What’s so impressive is State’s ability to rock your face off and, with the passing of just a few measures, tone it down to a gothic ballad. The band’s style could be compared to Hurt- dark rock music written with rage Barajas not only has the biggest set of lungs in the bunch, he’s got most of the moves, too. A true entertainer, the man is constantly in motion while onstage.

State released their first CD this year, titled