Review: Broad Ripple Music Festival (Part 4)

Broad Ripple Music Festival
October 25, 2008
Alpha & Metrognome

As we biked north-to-south across the Broad Ripple Village my friend noted that we were able to hear a different band playing around almost every corner. The streets were literally being filled with music. As we rolled over Rainbow Bridge, we made note of the hip hop coming from the stage where Sarah Grain had been playing less than an hour ago. As I sit behind my computer and reference my Broad Ripple Music Festival handbill, I am able to determine it was a duo called Alpha & Metrognome. Nuvo’s T.J. Reynolds describes them with the following words:
Alpha is one of the tightest emcees in the state, and has been hot off applying his cool flow to the Barack Obama history recitation track