Review: Broad Ripple Music Festival (Part 1)

Broad Ripple Music Festival
October 25, 2008
4:30 P.M.
Indy Hostel
49th & Winthrop Ave.
Deep Cricket Night

I say it with no reservations when I say you have never experienced a truly intimate and personal concert until you’ve observed live music at The Indy Hostel. I’m willing to wager most have never even heard of it, let alone stumbled upon it in person. It really is a hostel, offering quaint overnight rooms at truly affordable price. The public rooms downstairs are painted in bold colors, lined with local art, and filled with comfortable furniture and trendy knick-knacks.

I was sad to hear Deep Cricket Night was missing a few band members for this event, but one would have never guessed from their stellar performance. Lead vocalist Lance Drake’s voice is powerful, yet soothing. An electric guitar alters the acoustic sound slightly but- don’t worry- it’s a good thing. Phillip Alley even treated his small audience to a few mellow, yet psychedelic, solos- adding to the band’s already-chill sound. Top it all off with a steady baseline coming from Tim O’Donnell perched on an extra-high bar stool and Joseph Werner beating out rhythm on his bongo, maracas, tambourines, and shakers. For lovers of acoustic music, Deep Cricket Night is a must-see band. For lovers of live music, The Indy Hostel is a must-see venue.