Review: Altered Thruzdaze w/Phutureprimitve @The Mousetrap Bar & Grill-12/6/12

A busy night of music forged ahead as I rushed from Digital Tape Machine w/Dexterous Roy & Cosby Sweater’s show at The Vogue to The Mousetrap for Altered Thurzdaze, Indy Mojo’s weekly electronic music event. A special guest, Phutureprimitive, was set to headline the event. This wasn’t my first time seeing the EDM DJ, which is why I was so excited when I finally reached the familiar venue. After being forced to park farther away than ever before and seeing the large crowd oozing from the entrance, it was clear other local EDM fans were equally as excited. I finally fought my way through the clogged entryway, body immediately overtaken by the heavy basslines and vibrant sound of Phutureprimitive’s production. I found a place to settle in amidst the frenzy of the dancing crowd, basking in the glory of what was transpiring. It is rare to see an artist and the crowd coalescing into something so magical.

The music was flowing beautifully from up tempo to down tempo, producing well-layered mixes. Phutureprimitive was presenting a masterful fusion of EDM styles; blending dubstep, trip hop, electronica, electro house, glitch hop, and even ambient trance elements into well-crafted mixes. Elongated bass drops and well-timed glitches perfectly offset supercharged tempos, putting the feisty crowd under his control. One might think such an eclectic mixture might sound chaotic or cluttered, but his fusion was quite harmonious. Overpoweringly fun stage presence combined with amazing musical productions, truly made him a master showman. Like a puppeteer, he forced the crowd to bounce and groove as he playfully guided us through a musical journey.

As the set continued, so did Phutureprimitive’s well-layered production of sound and musical prowess. The heart stopping industrial bass whomps slowly bridged toward more melodic and ambient dance grooves, which flowed back into heavy dubstep sound, creating a uniquely crafted mixture of music. It definitely wasn’t the normal feeling I get from dubstep music. It was actually quite impressive. A huge smile adorned my face, when he presented his remix of Gary Jules’ “Mad World”, the slow and beautiful song featured in the movie Donnie Darko. Yes, it was an absolutely wonderful addition to his already incredible set. The dark and soulful singing and ambient music of the original track was highlighted, but didn’t overshadow Phutureprimitive’s dance invoking alterations to the original. An absolutely wonderful remix, delivered with perfection. I was really enjoying his ability to present deeply cerebral musical compositions, while maintaining the fun dance inspiring grooves. It is impressive to see an artist balance between the stark contrasts. With his set nearing the end, Phutureprimitive reached farther in his musical arsenal, injecting the crowd with one last fury of sound. This portion of music featured the most energetic mixes of his set. In your face bass chops and caffeinated tempos fueled the energy of the dancing crowd. The music pushed faster and harder, before finally coming to an abrupt end. The music might have abruptly ended, but not the lasting effect of his awe inspiring set. The entire set was engaging. The music sounded fresh and  was a beautiful artistic display of electronic music. Electronic music has had a lot of commercial success in recent years, inherently creating watered down music by artists seeking to make it big, but this is definitely not the case with Phutureprimitive  This might not have been my first time seeing the artist, but it was definitely my favorite. Indy Mojo keeps presenting amazing electronic artists for Altered Thurzdaze, no small feat for a weekly event.

Written by: Alex Toy

Photos by: Aaron Lingenfelter, Wide Aperture Images