Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Holiday Show!

When it comes to The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, I’ve been a long time fan. The backwoods Indiana three-piece plays what might be not so eloquently referred to as “hillbilly punk.” Boasting an array of dirt simple instruments, ranging from washboards and bottleneck slides to five gallon buckets, there’s really nothing out there quite like it.

After scoring their 4th album, “The Wages”, I found myself tapping my foot, and enthusiastically slapping my steering wheel in time with a collection of fascinating southern influences I’m nowhere near qualified to cite. Where Peyton’s previous efforts were incredibly simple and truly country oriented, “The Wages” finds the Big Damn Band teasing out accessible melodies without deviating from their underlying grassroots vision.

Tracks like “Clap Your Hands” look to what the press sheet most accurately refers to as a “soulful, swinging country-blues.” The real difference between The Wages and previous efforts comes in the form of a newfound soul and blues emphasis. These tracks really slow things down, communicating something of a communal experience – like those from which the blues originally sprung. Peyton calls for his audience to clap their hands, stomp their feet, and just ultimately submit to the fun – and you’d have to be a real party pooper not to. This stuff is catchy.

But it also has a message. Like many bands trying to reinvigorate the soul in today’s sluggish economy, Peyton forms an appreciation for that which many of us we take for granted: family. Those like “Corn Bred Corn Fed” speak of appreciating and respecting your own roots, while others like “In A Holler Over There” reveal just how much is at stake. Meanwhile, the title track juxtaposes bouncy, tuneful melodies with the grim reality that “everything’s raising by the wages,” communicating a tough American resilience.

So in the end, the Reverend is a bad ass.

The Wages’ simple combination of good times coupled with an extremely welcoming demeanor is just too inviting to turn down. If you’ve been reluctant to embrace the Reverend and company in the past, there’s never been a better time to join the hoe down. Trust me, you’ll feel like family.

Join us Friday, Nov. 26th for one helluva good time at The Vogue!
Doors at 8pm
$12 Advance or $15 at the door!



Of course we have a pair of tickets to give away..

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See ya there!