Renegade Lights Review Available 11-15

The inception of a new era in electronic music: Renegade Lights #1. Renegade Lights Media ignites their shine onto the world of electronic music for the first time with this originally defiant compilation of uniquely skilled artists. These beats were born to butcher bassbins and refuse to die, taking you on an intrepid journey through the fringes of all genres and beyond while still remaining cohesively engaging throughout. Through shine or shadow, this tasty double-wax album remains truly renegade.

Track listing:
Side A -
1. Schismatics – by Dolza
2. Interspace – by Nonagon
Side B -
1. S8 Unstate – by Raja The Resident Alien
2. Unfamiliar Ceilings – by MEND
3. Stone – by Anon Day
Side C -
1. Dirty Nine- by Jeekoos
2. We Are Not Human – by Wolf Interval
3. Sonido Interior (ft. Paloma del Cerro) – by Searchl1te
Side D -
1. A Number Of Days – by Spacewülf
2. Burning Down The Porch – by Edison
3. Fold – by Ellul

IndyMojo favorite “Jeekoos” is featured on this revolutionary compilation showcasing the talent behind Renegade Lights Media. “Searchl1ght’s” track “Sonido Interior” particularly stood out to me. I really like it’s Latin influence and melodic bass. The whole sound and feel of these artists take me back to the origins of bass and dubstep. I think everyone should have this in their collection especially those who appreciate the more melodic dubstep. Make sure you pick up this album today!

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Renegade Lights #1 by Renegade Lights