Random thoughts of a free thinker

I guess I’m such a misanthrope because the majority of society is so caught up in the day to day bullshit of life that they can’t sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature. I was fortunate enough in my 8th grade year (yeh it’s fucked up, but ya know…I’ve always danced to the beat of a different drummer)to be far enough away from city lights to experience seeing the majority of the Milky Way and oh my fucking god…it was so beautiful I literally wept..I revelled in childlike wonder at something so simple as the night sky, granted it was the night sky as I’d never seen it before, yet it’s still fairly simple if you look at it a certain way. And when I lived in Oregon…every clear morning I’d watch the sky and see the sun rise over the top of Mount Hood and just stare in wonder at the simple beauty. Having never lived near a mountain it was an experience I never took for granted. Then just last year I was in Ferdinand Indiana near St Meinrads (which is actually one of two Archabbey’s in the western hemisphere, I was actually converting to Catholicism…THAT DIDN”T LAST LONG!)and it was a cool crisp morning, the birds had just started chirping and the sun was rising…my god it was breathtaking…like I said…I truly revel in childlike wonder at such simple, yet amazingly beautiful things….honestly…if people would just take a few moments to sit back and take a break from worry about their jobs, or shit like that….they wouldn’t miss out on the beauty of simplicity..or at least the way I look at it it’s simplicity. Next time you have a chance…just sit back and take a break from the complexity of everyday life and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature around you…it just might be a life changing experience.