Random Stuff

I like hot chocolate w/mallows floating/melting on its soft brown surface.
I like coffee w/a pinch of sugar & four creams.
I like pouring the cream in & watching how the colours swirl together before that perfect blending completed by the twirl of my spoon.

I like limeade, not lemonade unless it’s fresh squeezed, like @ the fair; those lemon shake ups?
Oh yeah.
I don’t like lemons in my ice water.
I like a lime instead.
OJ & me aren’t friends.

I dont like ice in my pop, but I love lots in my water.
I like Pepsi, Dr. Pepper & 7up the most.
I dont like coke except mixed with something or as a ‘dirty’ coke or cherry coke but only off the fountain, NOT from a bottle or can.

I don’t like tea, never have but I love Chai Tea both hot, cold or in a frosty Chai-Berg when it is hot outside so I can hold the cup in my hand & watch the condensation gather & flow in tiny droplets to the table where we sit.

I love milk, but only chocolate or 1%, I can’t abide skim or whole & I want it ICE cold, almost cold enough to hurt my teeth.
I just wish milk still liked me. :(

I like ice cream & putting things ON my ice cream.
I just don’t want stuff IN it.
Just like donuts.
I love them, but I dont want stuff IN them.

I love cold cereal but with the same stipulations as ice cream.
I dont like sugar on my cereal except Wheaties & Rice Krispies.
I love cornbread but it MUST have sugar in it.

I love Mead.
Ive found I really like beer but only the dark ones, those that sit in my glass all broody & deep, silent & yet fill my tummy with their dark warmth.

I love pizza. Hot or cold in the mornings leftover from last night.
I love Mexican food but despise beans & am not too fond of onions.

I like few nuts & find olives & Jell-o to be downright creepy.

I love cooking for people I love but I also enjoy dining out.
I love trying new foodstuffs both to eat & to cook.

I love lying in the woods, listening to the trees breathe.
I love sitting in the dark listening to the crickets & penny hop toads.
I love wading in a creek & lying in fields watching clouds float lazily overhead.

I like sunsets & rises.
I love storms.

I love camping, I wish I could do it more.
I love sitting about a campfire watching the colours dance & listen to the voices of those I care about around me.
I love sleeping outside in a tent w/the dew drops softly plopping on the roof, while crickets, owls & bullfrogs sing in the dark, & the pop-pop of the dying embers crackling softly in the background while the warm breath of those I love fill the tent with peace.

I love my doggies, TaterTott, RositaBonitaBananaFanana, Polly, StellaBoBella, Phoenix, & Candy.
I love my cats, Spooky, Phattie, Esme, Kyoko & ChiChi Delores.
I dont love my fish, but I do like them.
They bring me calm moments.

I love to get my kids up in the wee hours of the mornings & go star gazing.
I love to sleep on the roof w/my kids in the summer.

I love my kids, the four of them are some awesome people. Ive loved watching them grow from the tiny, helpless beings they were into the persons they are now. Im proud to have been part of their growth & be an important part of their lives. Im very blessed w/them & their love.

I love my sisters both of whom are fabulous ladies. I could take up this entire entry on just why I love them, so I wont. Suffice it to say, Im honoured they are my sisters.

I like a great many of my co-workers, some more than others & yet I work well with all of them.

I love my friends. All of them, tho I haven’t many I deem as friends.
I doubt I could list them all but to name a few:

I love Spooky, completely & irrevocably. Shes been hands down a friend since I met her almost 14yrs ago. Shes even saved my life.
I love Beth & all shes been to me.
I love Marcie whom Ive known since kindergarten.
I adore Yevla’s humour, his itchy feet, his vagabond heart & his three cornered sense of humour.
I love James’ quirky grin & his private way of looking @ the world.
I love Morelen’s ready grin & his deep, warm heart.
I love Kistmysts’ generous & overflowing friendship, her constant giddyness & the fact she talks TO me, not AT me.
I love Tinkerbelle’s warmth, her open smile & the fact that she loves me too.
I adore Natts’ wide smile & her candidness w/me on many things.
I love how much shes in love with Mista Jimi. I hope to again in my life have such a love by my side.
I wont’ hold my breath, but I can hope.
I love WeeHawk’s quiet demeanour, inner peace & generous selflessness.
I love Michael & how he’s managed to squirm into my life in the past 5yrs.
I love Roy & the smiles we’ve shared over the 13 yrs I’ve known him.
I love Ilex’s goofy (sometimes less than eloquent & oftentimes raunchy) sense of humour & how his eyes dance when hes comfortable enough to let himself giggle. He too has saved my life.
I love MB’s constant happiness, Rincewind’s sideways jocularity, & Big Sea’s ability to always be graceful & poke fun @ himself when I trounce his bum.
I adore Nishi who doesn’t let me take myself too seriously, & her deep, contagious & genuine laugh.

I love many (many) people (& their hugs) that have crossed into the path of my life over the past few years. Ive had the wonder & joy of OH so many diverse, interesting, & fantastic folks traipsing along this path of my life I am walking.

Of course I cannot name you all, but you know whom you are & that I love you