Random post!!!

Wow, I just looked at the last time I posted a blog and thought to myself…man I’ve been busy. Sometimes you just don’t realize what you’ve missed if you don’t take a few moments to step away and take it all in. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret what I’ve been doing because you always have to make decisions on how you spend your time…like do I do what I want or do what I need to and if I do what I want is it really what I want if I think about it or is it the fact that I just don’t want to miss out, but am I really missing out on what needs to be done that will help me become and get to my ultimate goals in life, but you’re supposed to have fun and enjoy yourself on the way right or does that come after you’ve accomplished everything. Can I find a happy medium or does it really exist. No wonder why some people are just never happy with the things they do. Eventually we have to choose what is truly important and go with the decisions we make. Then I believe you never make a bad decision. That doesn’t mean that the results weren’t what you wanted them to be, but if you are picking what you feel is truly important then it can’t be a bad or wrong decision can it? or can it? Hey, that’s a pretty good blog for just throwing something out there!