Radio Radio, WITT & smacking your friends in da face with culture

In just a few short weeks you can all probably begin to see that Stephanie and I are all about getting plugged into different types of things all over this great city of ours. As many of our friends continue to do the Tour de’ Broad Ripple every time they go out in search of cheap drink specials and Top 40 playing DJs, Stephanie and I have totally gone the other direction and have tried to experience things that aren’t so, ummm how do you say it, mainstream?

Since I can remember I have always done my best to bounce from one of these worlds to the other, which has not only given me a great & unique perspective of what all Indianapolis has to offer, but it has also allowed me to meet some amazing individuals along the way. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with doing the same ‘ol same ‘ol sometimes, but I am just simply stating that it can be fun, exciting and enjoyably uncomfortable to sometime step out of the norm and to go check out something that’s fresh and exciting.

All of this thought has stemmed from Stephanie and I volunteering to emcee the fund raiser kick-off party for a soon-to-be-awesome public radio station here in Indy, WITT 91.9FM. As we were chatting with the organizers, bands and those who came out to support the cause that night we began to wonder why more of our other friends don’t get into events like the one we were having so much damn fun at. It blew our minds, really, but I must say that it doesn’t surprise me much. I mean, the cover was $7(all went to WITT), the drinks were more than $1.50 and the bar(Radio Radio in Fountain Square) isn’t on Meridian Street downtown or on the strip in Broad Ripple. I can’t be too disappointed though, it’s just how some people are I guess. But, from here on out I’m going to make even more of an effort to smack my friends in the face with some other great events like this one. There’s aways next time, right?

Also, here are a few pics from the WITT event on Mojo to check out when you have a few.