Quite possibly the best 2 hours of movie entertainment, ever.

I got an awesome invite from a friend of mine, Mr. Bob Whitt, to come check out the new movie Beowulf. Now, Beowulf is a new flick that stars a few bigtime Hollywood powerhouses like Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich, but the thing is that the entire movie is created with some new CGI(computer generated imagery) effects that are amazing – not to mention that Bob invited me out to IMAX to see the 3D version. Wow.

Needless to say, I was excited to see the movie, but honestly I had no idea what to expect. Would the 3D be annoying? Would the CGI be cheesy? Would I be able to sit still for 2 hours straight?

Well, after sitting through the movie and without spoiling the plot let me simply say that this could quite possibly be the most entertaining couple of hours that I have ever had at a movie theater(some pics from the adventure). It was like the movie was made for IMAX+3D and I’m not real sure if I can even imagine it NOT being in 3D and at IMAX. If I would have seen this in a normal theater I seriously doubt that it would be nearly as cool – so, if you go see it, you need to make sure that you head on down to the IMAX to see it, too.

If you want to check it out, click here and buy some tickets online, or just head on down to IMAX and buy ‘em the old-fashioned way. You can check the times for the showings over here on Yahoo! if you’re itchin’ to check it out.

So basically….go see this movie at IMAX….you’ll like it, promise.

p.s. Angelina Jolie is basically completely naked in this flick. Yeah, it’s CGI, but it’s still pretty sweet, just sayin’.