Public Libraries (Your opinion is wanted/needed, please.)

As everyone in the area knows that watches the news, public libraries (along with K-12 education) are being hit relatively hard in recent times. This is not specific to Indiana, however I would like to know what some of you would like to see libraries offer.

We, at the Brownsburg Public Library, offer such a variety in programs that are a lot of hard work to put together and then when it comes to show time we are lucky to have two or three people show up for the program a lot of times. I have been working my magic trying to assist with programming on technology/social media/Internet in general that may be relevant to the younger generation. However, it seems like our most dedicated patrons are the older crowd that are scared of this whole subject matter.

Why have so many people from the younger generation abandoned libraries and the programming that they offer? I feel like this is a major hump we are battling to get over, and can’t seem to get over it. What can we do to get you back into the library? Most of our programs are free, but is it one of those situations where you already feel like you know it all?

I can relate to that instant gratification mindset, being fairly young myself, but I still can see the need for public libraries and the types of opportunities they offer to patrons young and old alike.

Any feedback is appreciated!