product of your environment

Whoever said that you are a product of your environment
and it pre-destines your personality
speech, and mannerisms
is a dumb ass
some shit is just engrained in you from birth
and the outside world
don’t have a damn thing to do about it
let me give you an example
I spent 15 years of my life
in southern indiana of all places
yet when I ax if youse can break a dolla
it’s cause I’m sick and tired
of having to repeat myself
every time I say quwarta
why I was the only latino in my high school
I was surrounded by rednecks
yet I’ll turn down bud lights and bbq
for barbacua with cilantro and a dos aquis
every day of the week
and twice on sunday
why I play soccer over football
because while football is fun
soy mexicano y italiano
y futbal es numero uno wey
pinche Tom Brady
and yes, I mean