Probably the lamest blog ever..

…but who cares! I’m totally psyched, that very soon, there will be a FRESH MARKET close to my heart. Yeah yeah I know there is one way up on the north side but I live on the south side and BRIP is WAY closer.

Now about this Fresh Market, I love it almost as much as my puppy. Sure it’s not the cheapest option, but how much do you think a tomato from Africa SHOULD cost?

All the pre-made delicious foods, it’s a LIFESAVER for all the amazing chefs out there like me. By amazing I mean I’ve seriously caused some food poisoning more than once. I don’t know what happens. I’m college educated, fairly good with tools and such, but no matter how closely I follow directions my dinners, desserts, breakfasts, snacks, etc. are inedible.

So thank you Fresh Market, for rescuing me in Indy like you did so many times in Savannah. You were there at the Savannah Hyatt, along with McDs, to cater my 22nd Bday which was the classiest event where pink champagne, mini petits, and cheeseburgers were ever in the same room.
I love you dear friend.

PS: If anyone reading this (pshh yeah) has never experienced the grace from God that is FM, you better let me know and I’ll take you there!