Preview: The Floozies at The Mousetrap


The Floozies are an electro-funk band made up of two brothers, Mark Hill on the drums and Matt Hill on the guitar. Fusing digital production with instruments, this duo create sets remixing favorite songs along with originals. Coming from all the way from Kansas, the Floozies are ready to get rowdy this Friday at The Mousetrap.

Do you guys have anything special planned for Friday at the Mousetrap?

Mark Hill: Actually we do. We revamped a bunch of tracks. We basically remapped our live show so we can have a little more fun live. I am really excited about that. Also we are using the top box now, which we’ve only used a couple shows we did.

Why do you guys call yourselves the Floozies?

Hill: It’s just kind of a silly name and word my mom used when we were in college to talk about winning. We just tired of really serious electronic band names so we just went with a word we thought was funny and kind of described our vibe.

I read in your bio you guys don’t plan your sets or have set lists. How do you decide what to play?

Hill: Basically right before we go on, we just decide what we want to start with and from there we just kind of feed off the crowd. If the crowd doesn’t seem as rowdy we will play some lighter stuff just to ease them in. Or if the opening band was super heavy we might change it up and try to do something a little lighter. We just kind of wing it. I don’t know. There is not really any way to describe it; we just kind of do it as we go along.

Is there ever confusion between you, as the drummer, and your brother, as he chooses the tracks?

Hill: Very rarely. I wouldn’t necessarily say we always want to play the exact same song but very close. I don’t know we just have a very similar vision so I often know what he’s going to play before he plays it and vice versa. We have been doing this so long and we grew up together so we just have a connection musically so it makes that whole improve thing a lot easier.

Working with your brother, are there ever times where you fight?

Hill: Not really it’s actually great. If we do fight, which is very rare, it’s only because we’re strung out and tired from being on tour. But we get over it real quick because we are family and that’s what families do. They fight and get over it, unlike just playing with a friend where I could potentially never talk to them again. But yeah we don’t fight much, we never did. We were best friends growing up so that’s kept us together really well.

I know you guys played numerous festivals this summer, does playing at a bar or venues have effect on your sets as compared to a festival?

Hill: Daytime sets at a festival definitely lend themselves to a lot more jamming and taking it slower but depends on the crowd really. If the people are rowdy, then venues and festivals are very similar. I think the only difference is more of a day time set versus a night time set as far as musically goes. The experience is always different but musically we put it on similar in a sense.

Do you have a preference between venues or festivals?

Hill: I really love playing festivals because I have been going to festivals since I was young and I love the festival experience. But I do like playing in bars too because you are in and out. You get there, you play a rowdy set, you’re done and then you’re on to the next one. They both have their ups and downs. I think bars and venues can be rowdier but it goes both ways. I like being at festivals a lot and I do love festival season.

Did you have a favorite festival this summer?

Hill: I’m not that into comparing things because I think each has its own great unique experience but as far as like general weather and great people Electric Forest was a great one for me. I had never been. The weather was really pretty and there were great people. If you haven’t been to Electric Forest, it’s crazy. There are wild people everywhere on stilts with decorations that will blow your mind. It’s a really strange but beautiful place.

What future plans do you have for your music?

Hill: We are about to drop a new album and we are about to do a Griz tour where we are about to be in his tour bus all over the East coast so that is our immediate plan.

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