Kick-Start Your Holiday Season With Some Pre-Thanksgiving Carnage

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It’s time for Indy’s EDM fans to start amping up for a night of mayhem with hip-hop beatsmith and up-and-coming trap-god Carnage.

Trapaholics and burrito enthusiasts alike do not want to miss Carnage’s Nap Town stop on his Parental Advisory Tour (you know who you are, Chipotle Gang). Carnage, along with guests Dzeko & Torres, Paris Blohm, and Junkie Kid, will be tearin’ it up Wed, Nov 12 at the Deluxe at Old National Centre in downtown Indy. Doors open at 9 and you must be at least 18 to attend.

Diamante Blackmon, AKA carnage chipotleCarnage, moved from Guatemala to Frederick, Maryland to live with his mother at the age of 6. In high school, the self-proclaimed “computer-nerd” began producing dance beats with rap friends. Galvanized by Dutch Hardstyle and his first experience at Electric Daisy Carnival, Carnage was inspired to experiment with trap beats. These pivotal influences laid the foundation for the characteristically fast, loud, vocal heavy, stadium-style banger set Carnage is known for today.

What looks like a one-year catapult to main stage success actually came from years of hard work and a dedication to perfecting his productions. Before dropping big-room bombs on the Spinnin Records label (“Incredible” with world-famous Israeli producer Borgore and “Signal” with Cali producers New & Used) he produced for an array of rappers such as A$AP Rocky, Theophilis London, G-Eazy, and Katie Got Bandz. The production for Bandz was releasd on Fool’s Gold Records, further solidifying his marriage to hip-hop-elctro fusion.

These days Carnage is living in Los Angelos, and working hard to feed his Chipotle Gang (the name Carnage has given his growing fan base) and the world with the heavy festival trap they need, nay, deserve. Carnage has created a brand to tenaciously guard

Not sold? Here’s some food for thought: Carnage calls his fans the Chipotle Gang because he loves Chipotle. And if that doesn’t do it for ya, check out his freshest release below. A funky collaboration with Erick Morillo and Harry Romero, “Let The Freak Out” is a telling taste of Carnage’s affinity for dance music fueled by house-inspired beats and the artist’s hip-hop roots.

by Alec Steinmetz and Alex Webster


Wed, Nov 12, 2014

The Deluxe at Old National Centre

502 N. New Jersey St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Doors open at 9

Ages 18+