Pre-Hiatus Interview with UV Hippo, Settles Curious Minds

UV Hippo At Bells Brewery for the "Translate" Album Release Party

UV Hippo At Bells Brewery for the “Translate” Album Release Party

I got the chance to talk with Russel Jones of Ultra Violet Hippopotamus about their upcoming show this weekend at the Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be their last show before taking a hiatus this winter, and they are more then excited to be celebrating it here in Indianapolis with all of their friends and family. This is sure to be a special show!


Album Release Party at Bell's Brewery

Album Release Party at Bell’s Brewery

Mojo: Saturday Night at the Vogue will be a three set show, will we be seeing any horn section?


Russ (UV Hippo): “Unfortunately, No. We are not going to have the horns with us, but we are still finalizing some of the details on a few surprises for you guys. The horn section is definitely something we want to continue in the future. When we come back we’d like to look into doing a whole tour with the horns.”


Mojo: Well it’s good to hear you talking about the future. A lot of people have been worried that this hiatus would lead to something more permanent.”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Yeah hiatus can be one of those words that people read into a little bit too much. We have been discussing taking a break for a while, but we didn’t want to have to announce anything. The whole plan was just to wind things back so we could focus on writing and progressing the music. We didn’t want to make an announcement and freak everyone out, but we wanted to answer any rumors going around about what was happening. We have all been itching to progress our music beyond a certain point, but we haven’t been able to allow ourselves to do so because of the amount of time we have been spending on the road. We really want to write a new album with an approach we have never had before, and it’s going to take time to develop something great.”


Mojo: “So at the end of this hiatus we should expect a new album?”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Yes there will be a new album. We are going to just take a break from each other in December and the beginning of January. We are going to get back together in January and just keep writing and finalizing some of the ideas we have going and progress things from there. There’s no strict time line on things because we want to allow ourselves to go through a creative process.”


Mojo: “Why did you guys pick Indianapolis for your last show, you are all from Michigan, so what made you choose Indy?”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Well our home base as of right now is Grand Rapids, Michigan, but Indianapolis and really Indiana in general, is one of the main reasons we have been able to do all that we do. We have made such good friends anywhere in Indiana that w have played and they have played such a big part in making us feel like yeah, we can do this. Indiana is one of those where bands go and they know a crowd will show up rain or shine because they want a good show and they appreciate good musicians.”

UV Hippo

Mojo: “Last questions, there is a post on the World Wide Hippo Crew Facebook page about a crowd theme for Saturday’s show. I think the front runner is Ashton’s Closet. Do you have a vote?”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Ashton’s closet sounds great to me, just as long as he dresses the band too”


Get your tickets, they are going quick! Check out the website for details,

Grab your tickets for the last show before the Hiatus in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Grab your tickets for the last show before the Hiatus in Indianapolis, Indiana!