Portugal. the Man Returns to the Vogue



The Vogue was packed Tuesday night as an eclectic crowd gathered to watch Portugal. the Man. Gone were the white balls of light that adorned the ceiling and stage of the Vogue the last time the band played there. Instead, the band played in front of a white backdrop in the shape of mountain peaks. Intense visuals were projected on the mountains throughout the show, coupled with lasers that could likely induce seizures.

Portugal. the man are touring in support of their new album Evil Friends produced by Danger Mouse and released earlier this month. They began their show by launching into their new material, opening with, “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” one of the singles from the album.

The opening line of the song, “all I want to do is live in ecstasy,” was a suitable description for watching a Portugal. the Man show. Their unique sound resonated throughout the Vogue as the crowd became entranced.

Material from Evil Friends comprised about a quarter of the bands set.

To promote their new album, the band teamed up on a viral video with the actors who play Dennis and Mac on the show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” In a hilarious homage to this, the band covered the song, “Day Man,” from an episode of the show where Charlie Kelly attempts to write a musical. The crowd laughed and enthusiastically sang along to the infamous, “ah-ah-ah,” that accompanies the majority of the song. This was a pleasant surprise that lightened the mood halfway through their set.

The highlight of the show came toward the end of the night as the band played, “Sleep Forever,” the last song on 2011’s, “In the Mountain in the Clouds.” The lengthy song started slowly and began to build. At the peak of the song, after an impressive guitar solo, the band seamlessly transitioned into a cover of The Beatle’s, “Hey Jude.” Everyone sang along and the band left the stage as the chorus faded.

The crowd cheered for an encore, and the band obliged, returning to play three more songs, starting with, “Chicago,” a song off of the band’s first full-length album, “Waiter: ‘You Vultures.”

The fast-paced song brought new life into the crowd as everyone danced to the band singing, “burn this mother fucker down, down, down, down.”

The show concluded with, “The Devil,” a song featuring a strong drum beat and a chance for the band to show off their instrumental skills. Once again channeling the Beatles, the band’s last song transformed into a cover of, “Helter Skelter.”

“Helter Skelter,” is one of the Beatles noisier songs and the band created a wall of distorted sound that ended the show on a dark note.

You can check out the video promoting Evil Friends with the cast of, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” below.