Places in Indy I like to go for a bite, or not

places in Indy that I like for a bite, or not. YUMM!!
This list is in not to be followed in any order, I just made a list of places I’ve been that have given good food. Service I’m not to picky on mostly because I work in the industry. As long as they are some what attentive and if the food is good it usually makes up for the servers inability to do their job.

~ 45 DEGREES ~ Mass ave and College – Atmosphere – eh sterile but I wasn’t put off by it. App – Surf and earth – Shrimp shrooms and baguette slices with Cajun white wine sauce – Damn good! Entree – I ordered blackened yellow fin tuna rare, but I think I got the seared Ahi tuna instead crusted in pepper corn and sesame seeds with asparagus and roasted red potatoes and plum sauce. Not to worry it was still good a nice lite dinner and not to filling which I like. However coming from a kitchen I can only imagine that the plum sauce came from a can. It was still good. Spinach salad was my after dinner salad (decided to eat Euro style) Nice! and left me wanting more, so I ended up having the chocolate raspberry roll. WOW have that with a glass of port and holy shit! yeah That made me cream my pants.

~ Chatham Tap Pub ~ Mass ave. – Atmosphere – Almost felt like I was transported to Ireland watching Futball. App – Montaucks, which are “Parisian bread baked with smoked gouda cheese and rasher bacon, topped with pan seared bacon and sliced fresh basil.” And I think they added red pepper coulis. AWESOOOME! If you have that with a pint it’s badass, but get that and their fried portobello shrooms with chipolte sauce with a glass of Pinot Noir! OH MY GAWD!!

~ Aesopes Table ~ Alabama and Mass ave – Atmosphere – Well the inside was a little weird, in that I felt like I was in some creepy old ladies house, so I sat outside. App – Garlic hummos and pita, uh…well it definately had garlic in it, but I wasn’t to impressed. Salad – Simple greek salad with some red onion feta chz and some olives with a simple red wine vinegar olive oil dressing I can’t complain that’s what it said that’s what I got. Entree – I ordered the Lamb, but they were all out on a Tuesday and even if I still wanted it I would have needed to wait 24 hours coz it was frozen, so I ordered the Chicken breast with eh hem grilled smoked mozzarella ravioli and a black cherry wine sauce. The chicken wasn’t deboned ok no prob I can debone a chicken. The wine sauce, not reduced enough but it was good enough to put moisture into the chicken breast. and the ravioli, well it’s a good idea to grill ravioli, but maybe it should stay an idea. they were to undercooked but the flavors matched for the entire dish. The Service I can not complain at all about the server did her job well. Cheers!

~ Oakley’s 86th and Ditch – It took me a while to eat there, I was pig headed about the place that everyone goes nuts over, but thats in any town I live in. The menu is seasonal so what I write may not be what is available. Atmosphere – I wasn’t all to impressed, but then again it is in a strip mall so they had to work with what they had. App – Veal Oscar – DAMN GOOD!! Entree – I had the duck breast whiich had a port reduction and shit I can’t remember it was so long ago. but it was topped with bean sprouts. Again DAMN GOOD!! Had an after dinner salad with endive and mixed greens forgot the dressing still damn good. And a had a crepe of some sort for desert. All I remember is that I was drooling even though I was full. As always I had my meal with a bottle of Pinot Noir which complimented everything. The service was superb, enough so that I wrote my server “One of the most refreshing meals I have had in a long time.” Try it.

~ Cafe Patachou – If you live in Indianapolis you’ve probably heard of it, if you haven’t you’re living under a rock. There are four throughout the city, my usual spot is the one (original they say) at 49th and Pennsylvania. It’s also right down the street from me. It’s nothing to really brag about, but if you’re just looking for some good down home breakfast and luch with somewhat of a healthy twist, try them out. My standard is the Broken yolk on wheat with bacon, a side of bacon (4 slices) a large oj and endless amounts of coffee. No wonder why I like them. Try the omlette of the day or build your own, portion sizes are great and they are very hospitable. CHEERS!! Great for hangover food too ;)

~ Gyro Joint – Do you hang out in Broad Ripple? Well if you haven’t tried it yet you need to. The Gyro Joint is next to the ally going to the Ally Cat. You might miss it if you’re drunk. Crammed in the smallest space on the strip no wider than my arms reach is a place that serves the best Gyros in town. Made to order and the fries are made from fresh cut potatoes. I hope you’re not put off my the way it looks (a little scary unsanitary.) Take it from me a twelve year veteran of the food industry, it’s fucking awesome and a one man show to boot that’s all you need to know.

~ Labamba’s – borritos as big as your head, yup that’s what they are and to any drunk or stoner up late grab one. The murals inside will tell you of the crowd they see weekly. On the main drag in Broad Ripple.

~ Hollyhock Hill ~ 80th and College -If you like fried chicken this is the place. Fuck Colonel Sanders this is Indy fried chicken. It’s been here for nearly seventy years and tastes just as it did when I was a kid. Atmosphere – Like you’re sitting at grandmas house. Some of the larger tables are fitted with giant lazy Susans and it’s no wonder, there’s no way you can get up after starting to stuff your face with these culinary convections running around your stomach. All you need to get is fried chicken (white or dark meat, I prefer dark) mashed potatoes green beens and some corn. It’s soul food for us Yanks.

~ Bazbeux Pizza – Westfield bl – If you’re looking for a good pizza…Shit just go to Trenton New Jersey, there are plenty of family run Italian restaurants that serve pizza made from fresh dough made that morning. But here in Indy this is the closest I’ll get. I usually get a standard sausage or pepperoni or both, with a spinach salad and creamy basil dressing. That’s good enough for me. I get carry out so the wait is generally twenty minutes. The atmosphere…There is a patio outside and seating inside with high ceilings wood trim and Tuscan colorings throughout. I can’t complain It’s been good to me. Cheers!

~ Palomino Restaurant – 49 West Maryland Street – Atmosphere is ok maybe a little much, but I wasn’t bothered by it. I had Jeckel Vineyards Pinot Noir with my meal. App was grilled asparagus and prosciutto bruschetta with pesto, yum. Entree – Lamb shank w/ mushroom risotto, truffle oil with demi glaze. It was good, but I had weird suspicion that the lamb was bad. Dunno it just had that been around awhile flavor to it. I still ate it though and I’m still alive. Desert, I had chocolate tiramisu. Or what I would say was chocolate cake with mascarpone cheese icing; still good though. My bartender was cool and very attentive and that made up for any negatives. Cheers!

~ More to come!