Places between Spaces


Create memories, ideas, dreams, thoughts, paintings, script, lyrics, stories, and feelings.

I am blessed with the ability to create. Let my soul speak out and express the inner most essence that make up my “being”. The older I get the more my eyes truly open. I will not let my younger eyes stops seeing the fantasy, the dream, or the differences of worlds we create. I have gained so much knowledge and speak with much more conviction. Thoughts can form with reason. Imagine how things will be in the near future. I keep expressing how important 2012 will be. People fear “The end’. I welcome the beginning….. I know my time is coming and I feel ready more than ever to take control of this life and use it to my advantage. Run on sentence run on. There is no need for pauses. Be ready for the shock wave when I hit the ground running. Power of intent. The law off attraction….. This science of life is easy to formulate if the correct knowledge is used. I will show you.