Pit Stop Music Marathon (SXSW in Bloomington?!)

Spirit of ’68 Promotions is proud to announce the inaugural PIT STOP MUSIC MARATHON – a seven-day musical sprint March 6-13 featuring more than 20 local, regional, and national artists all traveling from point A, to point South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Spirit of ’68 asked themselves, “If we can’t take off work, school and responsibility to take in SXSW, why don’t we try and bring a taste of the excitement to our stages?”

And so they did.

The PIT STOP MUSIC MARATHON is unlike any other music festival or event happening in the Midwest today. PIT STOP MUSIC MARATHON offers seven consecutive nights of music spread across two venues showcasing bands on the blogs, lips and iPods of critics, students and music connoisseurs.

The full line-up in alphabetical order:

Blue Giant (Portland, OR)
Clovers (Cleveland, OH)
The Coke Dares (Bloomington, IN)
The Delicious (Bloomington, IN)
Foreign Born (Los Angeles, CA)
Free Energy (Pennsylvania, PA)
Fruit Bats (Seattle, WA)
Half Rats (Lafayette, IN)
Holiday Band (Bloomington, IN)
Husband and Wife (Bloomington, IN)
The Hollows (Bloomington, IN)
John Wilkes Booze (Bloomington, IN)
Jookabox (Indianapolis, IN)
Left Lane Cruiser (Fort Wayne, IN)
Medusa (Bloomington, IN)
Metavari (Fort Wayne, IN)
Mon Khmer (Brooklyn, NY)
Murder by Death (Bloomington, IN)
The Pomegranates (Cincinnati, OH)
Savior Adore (Brooklyn, NY)
Slam Dunk (Bloomington, IN)
Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, FL)
Times New Viking (Columbus, OH)
Turbo Fruits (Nashville, TN)
Vetiver (San Francisco, CA)
The Woes (Brooklyn, NY)
Zero Boys (Indianapolis, IN)

Tickets are only $10 daily for access to all venues, or a week-long discount marathon pass can be purchased for $50.

Ticket, schedule and venue information to be announced this Friday on www.pitstopmusicmarathon.com.

Stay tuned for updates!