Piney Acres Farm Delivers Charming Fright & Fun In Its 1st Year

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Piney Acres Farm is proud to present their first annual Haunted Loft in nearby Fortville (a 40-minute drive from Broad Ripple). After overcoming zoning problems that prevented them from unlocking The Loft last year, this brand new haunted attraction has hit the ground running in 2013.

Themed as a secret experimentation lab ran by a farmer-turned-geneticist, The Haunted Loft is an immersive gallery of Dr. E. Rex’s experiments gone bad. The trip is a short one (about 10 minutes if you don’t rush and really take it all in) but packed with lots of detail and well-hidden scares.

The Haunted Loft is only one small part of the Piney Acres experience. Operating as a pumpkin patch for the past eight years and a Christmas tree farm since 1999, the rural destination can be a fun afternoon escape from the city for people of all ages. Concessions and a gift shop fill the front half of the Piney Acres Barn while the back opens up to the pumpkin patch and corn maze entrance. Pumpkins were on display under the barn’s shelter during our visit; in the winter it’s closed up and heated by a rustic potbelly stove while visitors congregate and browse precut Christmas trees.

The Spook Staff wasn’t able to walk the haunted corn maze due to an evening of steady rainfall (edit: we returned the following weekend to check it out), but one of our friendly tour guides told us it took her a solid 45 minutes to complete. Visitors planning to walk the maze (eight acres total, including two optional haunted acres) are encouraged to bring their own flashlight(s) since the trail is not lit. Spook Staffer Wes Ogden says he wasn’t sure what to expect when I told him we were headed to a farm on the outskirts of Indy.

wesI hadn’t been to a haunted house in years. At first glance I was surprised. Piney Acres is a pleasant place, for midday pumpkin patching and evening cider sipping. The barn and corresponding loft are in surprisingly good condition, lending to the overall coziness of the place especially when coupled with the old-style country store that the lower level houses. After milling around the general store for a few minutes, it was our turn to tour the loft.

As we crested the stairs that lead up to the loft, we were met by two employees, one in costume and one in street clothes. They gave us the run-down on the rules and regulations, and sent us off into the dark. Greeted initially by the mad scientist of Piney Acres, we cascaded through the rooms that house his sinister creations. The screams that were coaxed out of us were real and genuine, and I could feel anticipation tinged with dread as we turned each corner, eager- yet almost unwilling- to find out what the next room held.

Piney Acres is fantastic for a first-year haunt, but with some room for improvement. I would be excited to see where this one goes in the next few years (this is said without having walked the Corn Maze, an integral part to the Piney Acres attraction). The back story was interesting, but could have been told with slightly more detail in order to plunge guests into the realm of the mad scientist.

Spook Staffer Lacy Bursick admits to jumping and screaming quite a bit during her excursion through the loft:

lacyFor being a barn loft, they utilized their space well. All the characters were passionate about their parts and I liked the ones that interacted with us. My favorite room was the pregnant lady with the devil child because she was truly in character and it wasn’t a costume I’ve seen before. I screamed the loudest in the “tree” room when a small girl sitting in a chair came to life. Usually you can predict if you’re looking at a person or a prop, but she had me totally fooled.

Indy Mojo Spook Staffer Gwen Wilson found the quaint shop and overall experience on the farm to be quite charming.

Gwen StaffThis year the Piney Acres Christmas tree farm has expanded into a grand pumpkin patch (truly some of the largest pumpkins I’ve ever seen) and a fun haunting experience! The loft has been converted into a room of tortured souls and decrepit minds. The scares were great thanks to actors who were passionate about seeing their victims caught off guard. One in particular to be on the lookout for is “Preggers” a poor suffering woman being ripped to shreds as her demonic “Damien” baby emerges out of her stomach! The staff were great and treated us like guests in their own home. This is a haunt I would encourage everyone of all ages to go out, pick a pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch, drink some cider and get a good family scare!

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Echoing Gwen, Piney Acres Farm is a great spot for a weekend day-trip, especially if you have children. Between the pumpkin patch, hayrides, corn maze, and haunted loft parents could easily keep their children (and themselves) entertained for an afternoon or evening.

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Piney Acres Farm Haunted Loft

1115 E. 1000 North

Fortville, IN  46040

(317) 326-1700

Open every Friday & Saturday through October from 7 - 10 pm
$10 per person (children 5 & under free)

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