Pets can be great gifts year round *cough* Valentine’s Day *ahem*

I was browsing at Petsmart yesterday picking up stuff with mega coupons for free treats for my cats’ birthdays from November and happened to walk past (as I always do) the section of cats in windows waiting to be adopted. I wish I had taken a picture on my phone because you would not believe the sweet and wonderful cats just waiting for a forever home.

One cat’s name was Wolfie. A sweet black kitty with extra fur snoozing away occasionally batting at something in a dream. I read Wolfie’s card and it said (I’m paraphrasing), “Wolfie was taken in by foster parents who loved him very much. Every day his foster mom kissed his nose and wished for him to find the perfect forever home. She crossed her fingers that somehow Santa would find a home for such a wonderful cat.” By this time, I was practically crying, yeah, I’m a pushover, wanna make something of it?

My personal experience: I got Angel & Collins in May 2006, brother and sister in the Michigan Humane Society. Their card pleaded that they both be adopted together and my husband and I were informed they were both born with heart murmurs which might be fine or they might just die one day (We asked for honesty). Their foster mom was in tears of joy when she came out to meet us when we adopted them.

Then in October of 2008, our neighbor who had five kids, a dog, two cats, and no time said someone had to go! They had to let Harley go and didn’t know what to do with him. He was a bit of a special needs case at the time with no fur on his belly, sores, mats all through his fur and a virtual disaster. Oh yeah, and he’s deaf. After a few trips to the vet and some TLC, he’s been with us ever since and has grown in all his hair, no longer has an issues with skin care and I brush him regularly. He’s paid us back by saving us on heat bills, he sleeps in our bed every night.

The point is, pets are amazing company. They socialize with you as you learn the meanings of their meow’s and barks. They are a great snooze button and make sure you get up on time. It is very rare that I don’t look around in the room I’m in and see one of my cats nearby watching me or taking a nap just happy to be near. Animals are loving creatures and so many go without good homes. Please look into your heart and consider whether you have extra love and room to give to a new friend.