So I’ve been sitting here thinking tonight/this morning, kind of in a daze. Funny what you end up thinking at 6am. Talking with a couple friends and just thinking about everything lately, I’ve come to a realization.

Every bit of truth is based upon perception. It’s all relative. Do we ever really know all the facts? Is what we say about others ever the truth, or is it our opinion based upon the few little things we really know about someone? Better yet, when are we lying by omission, or when are we disclosing too much? When is what we are saying gossip or rumors and when is it valuable information to be passed along? If it’s real or factual is it still gossip?

I guess I just came up with a lot of questions tonight. But one thing I’ve realized for sure, is that everything is relative. By some standards, something may be one way, but by others it’s completely the opposite. How can we state we are telling the truth when we don’t know the whole story? I know I’ve been at fault of this, too. It seems to be human nature to judge people no matter how much we claim we don’t. At some point, we all do, because you can never truly know everything about a person. We take some of what they give us, some of what we make them out to be, and we pass judgement and form our opinion about who they are as a person. At some point, you just stop fighting people and defending everything, and just give in. There are some things that will never change. But hey, I guess that’s life. I guess I can just enjoy it and find little bits of entertainment in it all.