Penalties and Cowardice in the Most Anticipated Game of the Year

I am going to be sick. I can’t believe we lost to the Patriots due to careless, reckless, preventable, and stupid penalties. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and now I would just like to vomit.

As far as the Patriots’ last possession for the last 1:45 of the game, I think it taking a knee and running the clock out, however prudent to secure their victory, was cowardice at its finest. I could understand and concede to it with :45 or less, but that was absurd. It was a cowardly way to end the most anticipated regular season game ever. It was a win, not by merit, but by the benefit of two stupid mistakes on the Colts’ part and the cowardice of refusing to play until the end.

Perhaps I am just sour grapes here, but for such a game of effort and athleticism should have, in an ideal world, been determined by skill, prowess, and strategy–not by effective time management by a cowardly offense.

I will not dispute that the penalties were outright penalties, but they were careless and costly. I was always raised to believe that benefitting from others’ mistakes and not succeeding by your own merits diminishes the quality of the success. The loss would have been easier to stomach, though still bitter, had the game been played to the end–the Patriots demonstrating physically that they deserved the right to be victorious by playing that last minute and forty-five seconds. They took the easy way out, and still came out on top, and I hope for them that the victory isn’t as sweet as they had hoped it would be.