Paying your dues as a new EDM DJ

I write this blog as an observer of what happens to the “new DJ” in town starts to network in the EDM scene.

First you must connect with the promoters of the club.

Second you will play the undesirable open spot for many weeks. Even if your set is amazing.

Third if you are a DJ that doesn’t use CDJ’s, you will be frowned upon because you may pose a threat. Why?

I’m watching an Ableton DJ now that is able to produce quality, full sounding sets that melt your face, but doesn’t get recognition because he thinks outside the box.

Ableton DJ’s can produce mashups with more than just 2 songs. This produces a full, hit you in the chest sound.

You will be competing against resident DJ’s that offer up the same s–TTY music each week, but because they are “in” the scene they continue to play the best time slots.

Number one thing is to build a huge fan base that starts requesting you. This will eventually change your time slot.

Keep striving for a better sound and good luck!